immagine portofino luxury suitcase

Portofino Trunk: travel among love and elegance

Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta, Portofino. A fascinating Humphrey Bogart walks along the port in the shoes of Harry Dawes, writer and director. At his side, a star: Ava Gardner, Maria Vargas in “The Barefoot Contessa.” It’s 1954.

Four years after, Johnny Dorelli makes Italian music history interpreting a piece by Fred Buscaglione. The 60s’ are about to begin and the song “Love in Portofino” gifts immortality to the village of elegance and love.

From that beauty, of a long-lost time, but that is everlasting, comes the inspiration for Portofino Trunk, the luxury suitcase by LaErre Trunks with which each travel becomes a marvel. The external finishes, bronzed trims and pure brass details enhance its unique design. The soft interior, lined in precious leather, dialogues in harmony with the exterior, with its dark and researched details.

Discover Portofino Trunk and go where your heart desires.

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