Not all trunks are alike

An Italian story that began twenty years ago.

LaErre represents the story of a small company in the heart of Brianza which arose from Riccardo Radaelli’s vision: to move away from standardised products and create flight cases able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

The production of trunks initially concentrated on equipment for show business, film productions and advertising sets. Over time, more and more companies in the industry came to rely on LaErre, which specialises in the worlds of horseback riding, medical equipment transport, and racing.

The pandemic emergency, which brought show business and the travel industry to a standstill, was a turning point for the company. It began to focus on handling fragile goods and heavy materials in the industrial world, creating moulded foam articles for transporting electronic circuit boards, and providing solutions that would enable the company to enter the accommodation and food service sector of kitchens, show cooking and catering.

The maison
immagine copertina trunks

The technological innovation of trunks

Two projects, two visions.

The intuition to expand production with two strategic projects of high-tech contents dates back to 2021.

Industrial Internet of Things

The first project, in the sphere of IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things, called for the implementation of a technology for tracking and remote controlling flight cases produced by LaErre, to enable communication between them and their contents, settings, systems and individuals (external and internal). The objective? To increase product customisation by integrating additional services to generate new added value.

Additive Manufacturing

The second is found in the additive manufacturing area with the introduction of a professional 3D scanner, post-processing software for integration with CAD software and a 3D printer, for producing high-tech components and samples. A strategic operation for integrating itself into the production process in order to optimise the reverse-engineering process of products to be protected with flight cases and improve the designing capacity of the design department.


Containers of contents

Exclusivity changes perspective.

It was in 2023 that the LaErre Trunks story began, a new division specialising in manufacturing trunks for the luxury target market. Containers of contents to be designed and produced in a co-design logic according to the needs of the most demanding customers.

An investment in innovative technology and upgraded expertise, combined with creativity, know-how and digitisation: all this is LaErre Trunks.

The reconversion was rewarded when important contract projects for producing upmarket trunks were commissioned by some of the most important luxury brands. An infinite source of inspiration for the brand’s internationalisation project.

The collection

An encounter with that which is well-known

From the French artisanal malletier masters to LaErre Trunks.

A source of inspiration, the trunks of French fashion houses experience a period of growth thanks to LaErre Trunks, which maintains its original value of craftsmanship, Italian creativity and innovative technology. This promotes an intense interaction with the contracting company right from the design phase, which continues throughout the product development cycle.

The top-end trunks express the company’s talent for bespoke workmanship, the ability to design, redesign and construct high-value products with and for its customers, to consolidate its presence as an outstanding Made in Italy company that excels in advanced craftsmanship.

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