LaErre Trunks


The emotion of exclusivity

The pursuit of unique aesthetics, the achievement of superior luxury.

LaErre Trunks came into being out of LaErre’s twenty years of experience in creating hyper-sturdy, super-light custom-made flight cases.
We believe that design is much more than a décor element or a collector's item: it is a multi-sensory experience from which intense emotions arise.

Attention to detail, the search for the finest materials, craftsmanship and expertise: these are the elements on which LaErre Trunks has focused to become an exclusive leader in the world of high fashion, luxury cars and interior design.
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Twenty years of beauty

From an intuition to creation.

We are dreamers. We imagine that each trunk contains a treasure with infinite possibilities. We create sophisticated design pieces of quality, bringing together innovative methods and the craftsmanship that is typical of Italian know-how.

LaErre Trunks invests in research and development so it may continuously make improvements in the production processes in its respective field. Always present during all the design phases, we are able to meet every need, creating a unique customised product.

Style is elegance, not extravagance

Milano, Doha, London. And then New York, Chicago, Montecarlo, passing by way of Portofino. LaErre Trunks are a tribute to the world’s beauty, to hectic and romantic cities, to those that never sleep and to those where time seems to stand still. Come travel with us.
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