immagine legno di teak per working station mobile

Discovering Teak Wood

Undulating veins, extremely fine grain, a reddish soul with shades ranging from vibrant gold to intriguing gray. Highly fine and very durable, teak wood is a material of great charm. Its patterns take us to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, particularly in Myanmar and Thailand, where trees of the Tectona Grandis species, belonging to the Verbenaceae family, grow majestically up to 45 meters in height. A particularly durable wood is obtained from the tree’s trunk, and thanks to the oleo-resinous substances it is composed of, maintains its aesthetic and mechanical virtues even when exposed to usually hostile environmental conditions, resisting moisture and wear.

Strong, elegant, naturally beautiful: teak wood has been chosen for the interior coverings of the New York Trunk, the work station that combines a smart lifestyle with the charm of luxury design. Just like the material it is made of internally, New York Trunk has been designed to be solid and enchanting at the same time. The linear fibers and well-defined, knot-free streaks of teak become a tribute to the enchantment of nature, enhanced by LED backlighting on both sides of the structure. The warm and welcoming essence of wood lives in perfect harmony with matte brass details and the glossy piano-effect lacquer that characterizes the external finishes.

Discover New York Trunk, the ideal mate for those who need a workspace wherever they go.

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