immagine calendario dell'avvento doha trunk

Doha Trunk and the Christmas magic: when waiting is a jewel to be keep

The dream, the surprise, the enchantment. You are never too old to be catched by Christmas and its legends. The stories associated with this time of year are a powerful concentration of creative magic. We, at LaErre Trunks, were inspired by the one by Gerhard Lang, who, before becoming a famous publisher, was a child eager to experience the most beautiful night ever.

Germany, late 1800s. It’s December 1st, and for little Gerhard that means only one thing: Christmas day is coming. “Mom, when is Christmas coming?” the insistent and daily question leads to the invention: typical Christmas cookies stored in 24 small bags to be opened, one per day, until Christmas Eve. Once an adult, Lang turns the sweet childhood memory into the first advent calendar.

A wonderful idea. After all, what is more unique about the experience of waiting? That sense of suspended wonder that is ageless. It is forever, just like Doha Trunk, the keeper of the most precious jewels, which becomes LaErre Trunks signature advent calendar this holiday season. Soft Alcantara couvettes contain priceless gifts, to be discovered together on our Instagram, Facebook e LinkedIn channels. There are words, twenty-four in total, that will make the wait of Christmas unforgettable. Words to share, to conquer, to experience. Words that remind us who we are and what we cannot give up on: beauty and elegance. And that will make up our Christmas gift of our own, to be opened at midnight.

From Dec. 1 until Dec. 25. Dream of Christmas with LaErre Trunks.

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