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Wine Trunk and Montecarlo: the keepers of the Nectar of the Gods

Wine is much more than a timeless and always winning luxury. It is art, history, and tradition. It is part of our way of living, of who we are. The philosopher Ludwig Feuerback said: “We are what we eat”. And us at LaErre Trunks could not agree more.

Since 5,000 A.D., viticulture continues to nourish joy, passions, and legends. For the Greeks it was Dionysus, the god of winemaking born twice, for the Ancient Romans it was Bacchus, the god of mystery. No matter which names we use, the thought is the same: the intoxicating and fragrant drink, wine could not be anything other than a gift from the gods. Myths, truths, past and present are held in each bottle that unites the commitment of the cultivator, the technique of the wine maker, the dedication of the cellar keeper and the experience of the sommelier.

Wine Trunk and Montecarlo are the creations of LaErre Trunks designed to enhance and bet preserve the quality of the most precious wines that require great care and attention.

Wine Trunk is more than a cellar: a piece of design and, at the same time, a mobile wine cabinet – available in two versions – created to satisfy needy palates and tastes worlds apart.
Are you fascinated by contemporary styles? Do you want to give your living room an original and captivating touch? Then you must have the Wine Modern Trunk and its lacquered green. If instead you consider yourself a hopeless romantic and see vintage as a life philosophy, the solution for you is the Wine Classic Trunk: thanks to the external upholstering in real black leather and details in pure brass, you will always have the elegance you desire.

In the innovative refrigerator, it is possible to store prosecco and champagne, so they are always ready to be tasted. The area dedicated to the conservation of bottles allows the maintenance of a constant moderate temperature, between 12 and 13 C°, ideal for reds, whites and roses. The wine cabinet was planned with extreme attention to the inclination of the bottle and the humidity. Seeing that wine is a photosensitive substance, within the Wine Trunk the best bottles are protected by light, remaining in a dark, tightly-closed environment.

Montecarlo is the perfect touch to a long-awaited special occasion, for which the bottle to be uncorked has already been chose. A bottle holder built with artisan methods in which handmade Made in Italy is the star. It is a fascinating object with which to captivate your guests and clients, the only one able to cuddle the wine bottle and preserve all the precious aromas contained within. The exterior of Montecarlo is refined joy: the gold brass studs exalt the luxuriousness of the shiny, lacquered black leather.

Wine Trunk and Montecarlo, objects of design protagonists of every taste, loyal safekeepers of wine and its thousand-year history. To cheers in every place and in every moment.

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